Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the house located?

Wayside is located in Hamilton, Ontario, at 15 Charlton Ave. West. Positioned within walking distance of St. Joseph's Hospital as well as many Hamilton based self-help groups, YMCA, coffee shops, Jackson Square Mall, and the Hamilton Public Library.

What is the focus of the program?

Our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment where one can gain information to maintain a self identified goal of abstinence. Wayside utilizes aspects of motivational counseling and a goal oriented approach to allow clients to address dysfunctional emotions, maladaptive behaviours and cognitive processes.

The program is based on the cognitive behavioral model:
"Change how you think, change how you feel."

Do I need any identifications?

Yes, all clients must have a current, valid Ontario Health Card.

Do I need referrals?

Potential clients require the completion of the Ministry of Health Admission and Discharge Tools (ADAT) as found on the admission page. This must be completed by Health Care Professionals, Industry/Employee Assistance, or other authorized agencies.

Please Note: It is advised that potential clients contact the agency once they know that their referral has been placed.

Can I have my medications?

Most prescribed medications are approved upon admission to Wayside House and reviewed on an on going basis. Clients are requested to bring enough repeats to last three months on their current medications.

Are vitamins allowed at Wayside House?

Vitamins are allowed and will be reviewed on an individual basis. Protein Powders and bars are not allowed.

What is the wait time for entering the house?

Once referral has been made, clients can expect an admission wait time of approximately 2-6 weeks. Admission times are assessed on an individual basis and may fluctuate. The program may require additional support documents to aid in an assessment. These may be medical or psychiatric records, prior treatment history and/or discharge summaries, from previous treatment programs.

Is smoking permitted in residence?

Wayside house is a registered agency, capable of providing Nicotine Replacement Therapy through the TEACH Program provided through CAMH.

Although clients are encouraged to work on tobacco addiction while in the house, outdoor smoke breaks are provided according to a daily schedule.

Do Wayside clients attend AA, NA, or CA meetings during treatment?

Clients are encouraged to attend meetings within the local community while living at Wayside, including AA, NA and CA.

Can I attend my homegroup/meeting of my choice while at Wayside?

No. We have designated meetings that residents go to, but they are optional. In lieu of the self-help meetings, there will be an inhouse meeting. Clients who choose to attend meetings during their treatment at Wayside will travel to and from meetings with Wayside groups at the appropriate and designated times.

What should I bring with me to start the program?

Clothes, gym wear, toiletries, a clear water bottle and a few personal belongings to individualize bedroom space (bring valuables at your own risk).

What belongings are prohibited?

All electronic devices (headphones, MP3 players, cell phones), unprescribed medications, any potential weapon or property which staff deem to be inapropriate for the house.

Does Wayside accomodate special diets?

Where possible, we will make every effort to accomodate to individuals with unique dietary needs.

Can I see family/friends while I am staying at Wayside?

Wayside provides designated time periods for clients to have free time on weekends.This allows clients to arrange visitors during their free time. Clients are also allowed personal phone calls on a daily basis, so long as they follow the house schedule.

Is Wayside Co-ed?

The house is not a co-ed treatment facility, Wayside provides residential treatment to men ages 19+.

For further information please feel free to call 905.528.8969.